You Can Help With The Transit Plan

Los Alamos Transportation Board

Atomic City Transit is working up a five-year plan, and your input can make a real difference. As became clear in a report at this month’s Transportation Board meeting, it has been difficult to get accurate data on performance in recent years due to COVID. Also, things are changing as the lab adds pit production to the mix.

The slides for the presentation are available at:

It won’t take long to look them over. If you have ideas for improvements to routing, handling the changing loads, or any other aspect of ACT, you can send them to via email. We expect to see a draft plan in December and a final plan submitted in February.

In other news, nothing much has changed in the county’s Ice & Snow plan. Things have been working pretty well overall. The biggest change this year will be all the new personnel due to retirement and other attrition. No real problems are expected.

With Vice Chair Matt Heavner taking the lead, the Board is taking a more in-depth look at the various advantages of electrifying transportation, with an emphasis on load balancing issues. For example, vehicles can feed power back into net to modulate the load.

The board does have one vacancy. Applying is easy, starting at and click on “Vacancies” in the horizontal bar just below the blurb.