In Support Of Tim Bullock For Magistrate Judge

Attorney at Law
Los Alamos

Dear Editor, 

I am writing to support Tim Bullock as the most qualified candidate for Los Alamos County Magistrate Court Judge. Tim is the only licensed New Mexico attorney in the race. He has substantial court experience from more than two decades of experience representing clients in many courts. He is even tempered and knows how to handle stressful situations. 

As our county grows and matures, the legal issues that are presented in Magistrate Court become more complex and difficult. A licensed attorney with substantial experience is best suited to serve in this important judicial role. 

More importantly, political affiliation should have no bearing on any voter’s decision in this race. Judges are required to be fair and objective regardless of political party. Judges have to make fair and objective rulings, which should not be based on the judge’s membership in a political party. It should be based on his or her ability to understand the law and apply the law properly to factual situations. 

Tim Bullock has the qualifications to make those kinds of fair and objective decisions. He is the candidate most suited to successfully serve as our next magistrate court judge.