Ship A Library! Make An African Child Smile With A Unique Holiday Or Anytime Gift Idea

Children rejoice over the gift of library books through the African Library Project. The community is invited to help fund the shipment of four complete libraries of 1,200 books each to Africa to continue this important work. Courtesy photo

Children in Africa will benefit incredibly by receiving books that will be a true gift to their communities for years to come. Courtesy photo

African Library Project/
Kiwanis Club Member

Are you searching for just the right gift for that special someone who seems to have everything? So what if your first world problem could help solve a third world need? Kiwanis in partnership with the African Library Project is here to help relieve your stress! What if an entire library of books, benefitting hundreds of children for many years to come, could be made in a special someone’s name?

         -What we have is 4 complete libraries of 1200 books each packed and ready to head to schools and communities in Uganda, west Africa.

         –What we need are the funds to transport the books because children are waiting and the deadline for mailing is soon!

         –What we are looking for are four individuals or groups who might be interested in donating the shipping costs for a complete library in honor or memory of someone special, because

         –What we DON’T have is the shipping funds.

The books have already been donated by the Los Alamos community, are expertly packed by local Kiwanis members and friends, and are ready to go. For $600, which is the cost to ship a library via the post office and cargo ship, we will provide a fully customized, framed certificate, that will be included with the library of books and hung in the receiving library. You can also include photos and/or a letter with the library. Duplicate copies will be provided for the beneficiary/recipient of your gift. You will be provided the name of the school or community and information, including email addresses, that could allow you to establish a personal connection.

A library for children in rural Africa who have little access to books is truly a gift of the heart! Books can truly make a difference! Books can change lives! It’s hard to find gifts that can do so much good! Consider funding a library today!!

Should this be something that might interest you or for which you desire additional information, please contact: Sharon Allen, at your earliest convenience. Thank you so much!

Editor’s note: If you have a fund-raising idea, however small, to help pay for postage of these books, and would like some help to publicize it, please reach out to the Los Alamos Reporter,(505) 412-8739.