Endorsement For County Council: Randall Ryti

White Rock

I am writing to share my endorsement for County Council Chair, Randall Ryti, for reelection to the Los Alamos County Council.

When I look for the candidates I will endorse, I do not look for perfection. I do, however, look to make sure the candidates I endorse share some of my core values and Randy Ryti does in many categories.

Chair Ryti has spent his years on council supporting environmental sustainability and has heard the feedback from community members that we want to be a county that is always discovering new ways to promote sustainability without putting undue burdens on those who have financially restrictive budgets. He has advocated for higher minimum wages and listens with intent when discussing the need for updated contracts with county contractors who provide community programming in town.

Although we don’t always see eye to eye, he listens with respect and treats his constituency, on both sides of the issues, with dignity. I have seen him advocate for the public and their engagement with the county council by ensuring that public comments are protected during council meetings, even when other members of council were eager to limit or silence their feedback. He’s spent a significant amount of time answering questions I have had about various issues this year and I know he makes time for others with concerns and comments as well. He is engaged in listening and that’s the most important thing a public servant can do.

Randy Ryti is a candidate who I believe will continue to grow as a public servant, will always approach his votes by educating himself on the process and by listening to his constituents, and will continue to support our community as we become a leader in sustainability practices. Please join me in voting for Randall Ryti when you get your ballot.