What’s Happening Down At Worms & Wildflowers Farm And Nature School?

Worms and Wildflowers Farm & Nature School on La Senda in the Pajarito Acres area of White Rock has been in full swing with children enjoying outdoor learning in the fall weather. Here a child participate in a wiggle worm class where kids learn about the crucial role of worms by making a worm home, creating their own superhero worm story and digging for worms. ‘At Worms and Wildflowers Nature School, we empower children by trusting their natural curiosity and providing a rich environment for learning through child-led play. We currently do not have openings but are accepting children to our waitlist,’ said director/lead teacher Denise Matthews. For more information, go to www.wormsandwildflowers.com Photo Courtesy Worms & Wildflowers

A rain catchment system directs water to a ‘stream’ for water play and lessons on water conversation. Photo Courtesy Worms & Wildflowers

Wiggle Worm classes learn more about animal needs and lifecycles by visiting the chickens, feeding and collecting eggs. Photo Courtesy Worms & Wildflowers

Farm Friends club members harvest popcorn to dry and cook on their class fire. Photo Courtesy Worms & Wildflowers

Wiggle Worm class members experiment with ramp design for apples and other found options. Photo Courtesy Worms & Wildflowers

Farm Friend club members enjoy a day of hiking to learn more about the local ecosystem through observation and play. Photo Courtesy Worms & Wildflowers.

A Wiggle Worms class member holds up her worm superhero. Photo Courtesy Worms & Wildlife.

Wiggle Worms class members explore the garden with wagon rides. Photo Courtesy Worms & Wildflowers

Wiggle Worms class members explore a worm box. Photo Courtesy Worms & Wildflowers

Worms and Wildflowers class participants have been observing black swallowtail caterpillars found in the class garden as they turn into butterflies. Photo Courtesy Worms & Wildflowers

The Farm Friends class works on their tree house. Photo Courtesy Worms & Wildflowers