Artists Bring Great Outdoors Into Village Arts For Extraordinarily Plein Exhibit Through Nov. 12

Batiks by Gloria Sharp and Oils by Diane Stoeffel in the Extraordinarily Plein Exhibit at Village Arts through Nov. 12. Photo Courtesy Village Arts

‘Tuscan Countryside’ Beaded Lap Harp by Ann Greene. Photo Courtesy Village Arts

‘Aspen Grove’ – felted work by Samuel Buelow. Photo Courtesy Village Arts

Village Arts

Over 20 local artists have succeeded in bringing the Great Outdoors into Village Arts for an Extraordinarily Plein exhibit with a total of 51 pieces.  The exhibit called artists to create a sense of place in their work, and artists responded on an overwhelming level with pieces inspired by landscapes, seascapes, nature motifs, and cityscapes from places as far away as Jennifer Jordan’s “Circus Lane, Edinburgh” and as close as Rosalia Olivas’ “A View from the Front Step”! 

Taking a stroll around Village Arts transports the viewer to not only physical places but spaces in time and season like Julie Andrews “Golden Hour” and “Blue Hour” celebrating dawn and dusk, and Sue Ellen Hains’ “Monsoon Munchies” series rejoicing in the life that our exceptional summer rains bring.  Artwork ranges vastly in media and subject matter with oils and photography figuring prominently, watercolor, felt, beading, collage, and even wearable hats by Menolda Bakker!  Visitors to Village Arts are encouraged to vote for their favorite artwork for the Viewer’s Choice Award and many of the pieces are available for sale.

Owner Ken Nebel explained “The goal of these exhibits is to introduce the community to the wonderful depth and breadth of artistic talent that comes through the shop, to boost visibility for professional artists, and to give emerging artists a chance to develop an audience and learn what it means to display their work.”  Village Arts has a full slate of shows scheduled through Fall of 2023 and encourages any artist of any age or skill set to participate!  Participation is free and sales are subject to a 15% commission, and Village Arts has been pleased with all the positive feedback both from artists and the public.  This exhibit is on display through Nov. 12 2022, so stop on in and support these artist’s creative efforts!  Village Arts is  open 9 AM-4 PM M-Sat and by appointment and is located at 216 DP Road.  For more information call 505-661-2526 or check online at