Political Monochromacy: An Endorsement For Randall Ryti

White Rock

There are good candidates for Los Alamos County Council from all the parties, and I would encourage all voters to get to know the candidates personally as best they can. In this county you have that opportunity. I’ve spoken at length with 6 of 8 and casually with another. The League of Women Voters Candidate Forum was very helpful. The phone numbers, email, and address of all candidates are available on the Secretary of State’s website, or just look them up on the internet. Most can be Facebook PM’d. At the local level, dealing with local issues, your party affiliation blurs, and frequently the person who best represents you might not be someone who shares your views on state or national issues.

One candidate clearly stands above the rest. Even though we are ideological and world view opposites and do not always agree even on local issues, Councilor Randall Ryti’s grasp of the local issues and the difficulties associated with governing our county surpasses all others in the race. This has been demonstrated during his 4 years on County Council, the last 2 as Chair. Councilor Ryti has proven that he can listen and change his mind on issues when presented with better information. Councilor Ryti’s level of continuous community engagement is unparalleled and noteworthy among the candidates. All the candidates have strengths and weaknesses, and I plan on voting for at least one candidate from each party based on these strengths and weaknesses. Please get to know your candidates before you vote. They’d love to hear from you.