In Support Of Magistrate Court Judge Candidate Catherine Taylor

Los Alamos

This letter is written to introduce my friend Catherine Taylor to the voters of Los Alamos County.  I have known her for many years and I hope you can meet her someday. Catherine is running for the position of Magistrate Judge and she has many attributes that make her an excellent candidate for the position.  

I can always count on Catherine’s integrity and sound judgement. She has consistently provided me good advice and well thought out recommendations on a variety of topics.  I like her common-sense approach to life, and I strongly believe both her background and her maturity will make Catherine an outstanding Magistrate Judge.

Catherine has a BS degree in Political Science from Santa Clara University and she was awarded her Juris Doctor degree from the San Francisco School of Law.  She passed the California State Bar Examination in 2000 and went to work as a Deputy District Attorney, prosecuting felony and misdemeanor cases in adult and juvenile courts. This work was in the California counties of Ventura, San Diego and Contra Costa. After her husband’s career took the family to Washington, D.C. in 2008, Catherine became the primary caregiver for her young family, welcoming two children in that time. In 2013, Catherine was hired as Deputy Trial Counsel for the California State Bar, prosecuting California-licensed attorneys for ethics and professional responsibility violations.  She has enjoyed her career as a lawyer and is a strong example of a legal professional. 

In late 2016, her husband’s job brought the family to Los Alamos and shortly after, Catherine was hired as the Teen Court Coordinator for the Los Alamos Municipal Court, a position she has held since July 2017. In addition, Catherine serves as Vice-President of the New Mexico Teen Court Association. Catherine and her husband have been married for 16 years. 

I hope that you will find Catherine’s experience and background make her a great choice for your vote for the position of Magistrate Judge.