Recent Letters From Gary Stradling And Sharla Dempsey

Los Alamos


Recent letters from Gary Stradling and Sharla Dempsey saw fit to highlight that Gary and I share a dim view of certain provisions of the proposed nuisance code.  I want to make it clear that is about all we have in common.  At the League of Women Voters Forum, Gary repeated the MAGA Republican canard that the worldwide climate disasters resulting from the catastrophic spike in greenhouse gases are just normal climate fluctuations, dog-whistled in Trumpist code that he has “concerns” about the integrity of the last presidential election, and in a classic display of benightedness indicated that his compassion for autistic and other “handicapped” persons extends to members of the LGBTQ community. I do not share these ideas and I have “concerns” about the suitability for public office of a person who holds these views.