A Vote For Gary Stradling Is A Vote For A Robust, Reliable And Secure Energy Strategy

White Rock

After meeting and talking to Gary Stradling for more than a year, I am supporting him for the Los Alamos County Council. In regards to our County (our home)  I am mostly interested in our energy and water supply (and our world class libraries). 

Without a robust & reliable source of energy and water, very few people could live in our piece of heaven on the plateaus. Gary understands this also.  Some members of the current County Council do not understand that the water we drink, bathe in, and irrigate our gardens comes from 1000 to 1500 feet below our feet, from wells near the Rio Grande. Gary understands that, and Gary understands that the electricity supplied to lift that water to us needs to be robust & reliable, unlike solar or wind power which are available less than 25% of the time.  Gary see’s the need for diversity in our energy production portfolio which includes natural gas to operate 90% of the home heating in our County. He understands the need for a robust and reliable energy resources. As we develop new and cleaner energy sources we need an ongoing energy resource that is proven and reliable and always available when solar and wind energy do not meet the needs of our growing community.

A vote for Gary Stradling is a vote for a secure energy future in Los Alamos County.  Please join me in supporting Gary Stradling for County Councilor