County: Broadband Survey Launched


CTC Technology and Energy, under contract to Los Alamos County, has printed a comprehensive survey to assess broadband availability, affordability, and accessibility throughout the county. The survey was dropped into the mail today and should reach the mailboxes of a randomly selected group of households representing a statistically valid sample by September 30.   

The timing of the county’s efforts to address the lack of reliable high-speed internet access in the community coincidentally is occurring just as billions of federal and state grants are becoming available. Broadband Manager Jerry Smith urges households that receive the mailing from CTC to complete the survey as thoroughly as possible and return it in the enclosed, addressed, and stamped envelope. He explains that this is how Los Alamos County will be able to demonstrate its broadband needs and qualify for funding.  

To complement the survey responses and pinpoint underserved areas, the mailer also includes instructions on how to take an online speed test to evaluate the quality and performance of the network. According to Smith, the speed test should be conducted at the individual’s residence and performed multiple times over several days to account for varying conditions. 

Those who did not receive the valid sample mailing but wish to take the survey and the speed tests may do so beginning October 14, when the survey is opened up to everyone online. These results will augment the valid sample results and assist the county in identifying the infrastructure needs and possibly qualifying for grants.   

The survey will close for everyone by 11:59 p.m. on October 28, 2022. For more information on the County’s broadband initiative visit the webpage at or drop an email to