A Vote For Gary Stradling Is A Vote For Small Businesses

Los Alamos

It’s hard to believe that in a wealthy and highly educated town like ours, we don’t have a robust and thriving small business community essential for quality of life.   Instead, we have a record number of business closures, fewer choices than we had 20 years ago, and young families choosing other places to live because there’s nothing to do here.  

I am gravely concerned that Columbus Capital’s purchase of the old Smith’s and Mari Mac Center could be the final nail in the coffin for our local entrepreneurs.  We have a hair salon, bookkeeping service, and restaurants who may not be able to afford moving and relocation costs, not to mention higher rent in a newer space.   Further, there will be fewer opportunities than ever for local ownership, which is important to the long-term success, stability, and viability of small business owners.   Recall that we lost our beloved Fleur De Lys due to a terminated lease and the inability to purchase space.   We need County Councilors who will be a consistent advocate for local interests and a fierce defender for those vested in our community, not a sell-out to big corporate lobbyists.   

I believe it’s time to retire Councilor Ryti for being named as a defendant in the lawsuit by Sirphey, LLC.   His actions are at best, questionable, and at worst, egregious and unacceptable for county leadership.  I am not happy about the traffic and congestion on Trinity, directly caused by his vote for the “road diet.”  (after he voted against it!)   

Gary Stradling is highly intelligent, thoughtful, and articulate. After an impressive career and many noteworthy accomplishments, he is willing, ready, and able to serve this community. A vote for Gary Stradling is a vote for integrity and transparency. A vote for Gary Stradling is a vote for our small business community. Please join me in supporting Gary Stradling for County Councilor.