Eight Kittens Arrive At Los Alamos Animal Shelter, Ready For Adoption

Los Alamos Animal Shelter

The Los Alamos Animal Shelter has kittens we just transferred 8 kittens in from Espanola Animal shelter today. Espanola Humane was at capacity and needed to save some lives so they reached out to us here at the Los Alamos animal shelter and we transferred in 8 kittens to give them another chance.

Please come by the Los Alamos shelter and visit the new kitty’s, play with them and have some fun who knows you may make a new forever friend/family member. They are friendly but a little shy and could use all the socialization they can get to help them settle in to their new environment  till they find their new forever homes.  

Here is the list of kittens:

  1. Tigger AKA Stripes  neutered male 
  2. Poe  neutered male
  3. Milo  neutered male
  4. Mark neutered male
  5. Edgar neutered male
  6. Barney neutered male
  7. Bamm-Bamm neutered male
  8. Allen neutered male