Pebble Labs Inc. Selected To Join 2022 Unreasonable Impact Americas Program


Pebble Labs Inc. has been selected as one of 12 growth-stage ventures to  join this year’s Unreasonable Impact Americas program, which offers guidance and support from  a global community of industry specialists and mentors including experts from Barclays. 

Unreasonable Impact is a long-standing partnership between Barclays and Unreasonable that  supports groundbreaking entrepreneurs whose ventures are tackling some of the world’s most  pressing challenges to scale and create thousands of new jobs. 

Following a rigorous selection process involving hundreds of pioneering companies, Pebble  Lab’s CEO, Dr. Rebecca White was chosen to join a select cohort of pioneering entrepreneurs  who are reimagining the future of energy, sustainable living and more. Dr. White said, “I am  delighted and grateful to be included in this cohort of Unreasonable. It is an amazing community  that is truly focused on impactful work. It represents a massive opportunity for us to make our  technology successful in a way that aligns with our values while supporting other like-minded  companies.” 

Pebble Labs’ award-winning platform technology, Directed Biotics™, delivers safe and  effective biological solutions to sustainably protect crop yields and quality by targeting  formidable pests and diseases. Pebble has been recognized for their work as the winner of the  2021 XTC Better Nutrition Innovation category at the World Food Forum and a winner of the  Innovation Awards at the 2022 Science, Technology and Innovation Forum for the United  Nations Sustainability Development Goals. 

Daniel Epstein, Founder and CEO of Unreasonable added, “Our team at Unreasonable is  honored to be partnered with Barclays to help scale socially impactful solutions that will help  build a more inclusive economy and create a cleaner future. We firmly believe that the most  valuable, influential and lasting companies are those solving humanity’s most pressing  challenges, and we’re so grateful and privileged to support and witness the possibilities of what  profitable, impact-centric companies can – and should – do.” 

Cumulatively, the 12 ventures joining the latest program are operating in over six countries and  have generated more than USD $62 million in revenue to date. 

The 12 ventures are:

• Aquacycl: Providing bioelectrochemical technologies to rapidly treat the hardest to treat  wastewater. 

• Cabinet Health: Eliminating plastic waste in healthcare. 

• Carbon Lighthouse: Delivering profitable climate solutions with energy. Savings-as-a Service for commercial real estate portfolios. 

• ChargerHelp!: Repairing EV chargers while ensuring a just energy transition.

• ClearFlame Engines: Decarbonizing heavy-duty transportation industries.

• Emrgy: Unleashing water’s natural power through modular kinetic hydropower.

• GALY: Agriculture made from cells in a facility, not plants on a field.

• Mango Materials: Using microbes to capture methane and replace fossil fuel-based  plastics. 

• Modern Electron: Decarbonizing home heating with hydrogen. 

• Pebble Labs: Delivering the power of RNA for food production. 

• Prime Roots: Re-imagining protein from koji mycelium for a sustainable future.

• Re:Dish: Operating a reusable container program for enterprise foodservice.