Jan Velechovsky Is Best Predictor In Weekly Pace Race

Atomic City Road Runners prior to Tuesday’s pace race. Courtesy photo

Atomic City Road Runners

Jan Velechovsky was the top predictor in the weekly pace race held Tuesday on the Perimeter Trail off Range Road with a 7 second differential off his predicted time.  Other accurate predictors were:  Ted Romero at 21 seconds off; Sean Thomas recording a 24 second difference; Wayne Ashcraft with a 79 second differential; and Maddie Harms at 84 seconds off as well as the first female finisher on the 5K course with a time of 34:24.

Priscila Rosa was the top finisher on the 1 mile course recording a time of 9:45 and Cliff Stanley was the first male finisher at 14:12.

In the 5K distance Lukas Zavorha was the best finisher with a time of 24:12.

Next week’s race will be held on Tuesday, September 20th, 2022 at 6:00 PM and will take place on the Lower Water Canyon Trail.  It can be gotten to by taking Main Hill Road or The Truck Route and taking a right and heading West on State Route # 4 into White Rock to the junction of Pajarito Road and State Route # 4 or Laboratory employees can take Pajarito Road to the same junction of State Route #4 and turn right.  The race location will then be approximately 2.6 miles from that junction heading West on State Route # 4 toward Bandelier National Monument on the left.  1 and 3 mile trail runs will be available.

For more information call (1)505-672-1639 or visit the Club’s Web site at:  http://atomicrunners.com