Los Alamos County Art In Public Places Featured On National Map


Los Alamos County utilizes Public Art Archives (PAA) to maintain the inventory of the Los Alamos County Public Art. In April of 2022, PAA sent out a Call for Art, to represent the 10th Anniversary of Have You Seen My Public Art? map, that highlights art that can be found throughout the United States.

Los Alamos County Art in Public Places Board submitted several pieces for consideration. The project received more than 500 submissions and Kites of Many Colors, by Thom Norris and Eric Markow, on display in the White Rick Branch Library, was selected to represent Los Alamos with 144 other works of art throughout the nation.

Three other locations within the state of New Mexico also highlighted include Albuquerque, Fort Sumner and Hobbs.

PAA’s mission is to make public art more public, archiving nearly 20,000 public artworks around the United States and abroad. The new map, illustrated by artist Kara Fellows, highlights a diverse array of public artists and their artworks, installed both permanently and temporarily installed.

The map and information about the project may be found at https://www.publicartarchive.org/anniversary-map/.

Please note that the map does not show the proper location within the state, but highlights what is showcased within the state. Los Alamos County’s public art collection also may be found online with an interactive map of where pieces are located.

Los Alamos County public art may be found outside on public land and inside County owned buildings. To learn more, visit