Unitarian Church Forum On Ukraine Set For Sunday, Sept. 11

Vitaliy Gyrya will present a forum on Ukraine Sunday at the Unitarian Church of Los Alamos. Courtesy photo


The Unitarian Church of Los Alamos will sponsor a 45-minute forum on Sunday, Sept. 11, starting at 11:45 a.m. in the sanctuary. The forum is open to the public and will take place following the Sunday service. The topic is “Ukraine: The sixth month of a three-day war”, presented by Vitaliy Gyrya.

Vitaliy Gyrya grew up in Kharkov, Ukraine where he still has friends and family relatives. He has lived in the US for more than two decades, and has lived and worked in Los Alamos for the past ten years. When Russia began a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, he sought up-to-date information but found the news media seriously uninformed and lagging — the situation was highly dynamic, but conventional media updates only reflected what had already become old news – often falling into Russian propaganda traps. Reporters, military experts, and other informed individuals on the ground in Ukraine formed a network on social media that have proved to be infinitely more informative than larger media outlets.

In this forum Vitaliy will start by presenting his understanding of the war from sources that he follows in Ukraine – including these social media reporters and from his own personal contacts – and will set aside a period for discussion and Questions & Answers.

The Unitarian Church is located at 1738 N. Sage Loop,Los Alamos. Phone (505) 662-2346