In Support Of Suzie Havemann For Los Alamos County Council

Los Alamos

In the year 2022 when we find ourselves facing the gravest midterm election cycle in my lifetime (62 years),  local elections have never been more critical. That is exactly why I support and will vote for Suzie Havemann for a position on the Los Alamos County Council. 

I know Suzie and have witnessed her character and her strengths. Suzie is diligent; she does not mess around. Organization, fact finding, and a strong work ethic contribute to this characteristic. Suzie is intelligent; she is bright, educated, and experienced. Her background as Director of the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce and her years as a real estate expert have given her diverse and creative perspectives on the unique issues facing our County. Suzie is honest; I have personally worked with Suzie and always felt comfortable when working on confidential transactions, because I knew that “truth” was a given. Suzie is invested; did you know Suzie is “home grown”? She is a graduate of Los Alamos High School and went on to raise her sons in Los Alamos. She and her husband, Scott, are retired and have remained in this community. Suzie’s commitment to Los Alamos is evident in her running for office – which is as thankless as it is rewarding.

Local leadership affects each of us directly. I believe Suzie Havemann will make an effective County Council member. Please find out more about Suzie and what her positions on current local issues are by visiting her website at: Follow Suzie’s campaign on Facebook at:

Last, please vote! Early voting begins October 11 and “Election Day” is Tuesday, November 8.  Do not sit this one out, it is too important!