Fiscal Responsibility?

Los Alamos

The recent Los Alamos Reporter news release from LAPS on Los Alamos Public School’s LAOLA online “Academy” brings forth numerous mathematical concerns. Eight staff members are shown, which to my estimate is at least a half million in salary, who are said to serve 47 students, who are finished with school at 12 p.m.. So LAPS is funding a 1:5 teacher: student ratio for 3.5 hours of education? Meanwhile, our local teachers are struggling to educate over 20 students by themselves for 7 hours? Not to mention all the additional time spent outside of paid time.

If LAOLA parents and students are unwilling to participate in our public schools they need to turn to homeschool or seek out other avenues on their own. LAPS, this is unconscionable. Our schools need more teachers and support in the classroom. Taxpayers, is this good use of money and resources?