Meeting Set For Sept. 9 For 2023 8th Grade Washington, DC Spring Break Trip

One of the favorite activities during the annual 8th grade spring break tour to Washington, DC, is the laying of a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Solder. Courtesy photo


It’s time to sign up for this year’s 38th annual 8th grade spring break trip to Washington, DC., to be held April 1-4, 2023 This trip is available to Los Alamos Middle School and home school 8th grade students. The trip is a private trip and not a school sponsored trip. 

The trip will include round trip air transportation, sightseeing, transportation in and around Washington, D.C. and Baltimore Maryland, all meals and admissions, hotel accommodations, night chaperones in hotel, accident and health insurance. Highlights of the trip include the White House, the International Spy Museum, a Capitol tour, the Pentagon Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Holocaust Museum, the Smithsonian Museums, the National Zoo, Arlington National Cemetery, night tours of the Presidential Monuments, the Iwo Jima, Korean, and the Vietnam Memorials, the National Aquarium in Baltimore and much more. Four students will be selected to lay the morning wreath at Arlington National Cemetery. The trip will be four days and three nights in duration. The group will stay in a five star hotel in Crystal City, minutes from the DC sites.

Here are a few comments from parents regarding the trip:

“I am so grateful for Roberta and the staff at Worldstrides! They organized an unforgettable trip in DC and Baltimore for Los Alamos kids (and myself). Their knowledge of the city, museums, transportation, etc. allowed them to stay flexible in bad weather, make alternative schedules when things were closed and they kept the kids busy each and every moment of every day. I lived in DC for several years and I never saw the city in the way I did with Roberta!”- April Wade

“The DC trip was so much fun and educational. It was amazing how many things we got to see in the time we were there! The city is beautiful and has so much history for our kids to learn from. From a parent’s perspective, it was fun to watch from a distance as my child interacted with other kids on the trip. It was fun to have them learn some safe independence and spread their wings a bit.  This trip will not be forgotten. The education and memories will last a lifetime. Truly a fabulous experience!”-Christi Haynes

The following are comments from previous 8th graders…

“This trip was the best of my life! I learned that I have a lot of friends in my school that I didn’t know I had.”

“I learned a lot on my trip to DC.  It was amazing, educational, and FUN! I learned a lot about the memorials, Presidents, and wars. If I could go on this trip again, I would in one second!”

“I now have so much more respect for our country than I did before! Seeing all the people who died for our freedom was special to me.  Without them, we wouldn’t have the life that I know.  I gained a lot of knowledge.  I never really knew about the wars and events until we saw them on this trip.  I had never thought much about the wars my grandparents served in until this trip! I especially loved laying the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It was special to me because my grandparents served our country.”

“This trip changed me in so many ways. I learned so much about our government, not only from books but now in person. I became really good friends with the people who went on this trip. I learned a valuable lesson on how to manage my money.”

“This trip has changed me because of the Holocaust Museum.  This museum made me realize what freedom really is and how much we should value our life. It made me realize how horrible it was and why we should never let it happen again.”

“I love history! This trip made me love it more! I have been to Washington DC many times. This was my favorite time. I have learned more history on this trip than in school.  I also made tons of new friends. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity!”

“This trip has done many things for me. I have become closer to my classmates. I have become more responsible because of this trip. Being away from home made me have to be more responsible. I had to wake up on time, manage my money and always be back to the bus on time. I feel more like a young adult now.”

” This trip has changed me as a person in many ways. It has opened my eyes to many things that I otherwise would not have realized, understood, or even cared about.  I now understand the things people gave up so that this nation and all the people in it can live with freedom. This trip showed me how reading from a textbook and looking at pictures can only do so much for you. Many people died fighting for our country and are remembered and thanked for it in this city. Without this trip, I would have never known, understood, or cared about this.”

‘Because of this trip, I have finally learned to like myself!”

There will be a parent/student/family meeting on Friday, Sept. 9 at 3 p.m. in the LAMS media center (library). Come learn about all that the students will experience on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Attend the meeting, sign up within 48 hours and receive a $100 discount off of the trip price. Payment plans, financial assistance and fundraising tools are available. All first responders and military families can receive a 5% discount. Only a $99 deposit is required in order to sign up.. 

Sign up at using Trip ID #: 201900 or call 1-800-468-5899.

Questions? Contact Roberta Cocking at or call 505-670-0679. See Facebook, LAMS Washington DC Trip for additional trip pictures, comments and information.