Chapter 18 Code Revision Being Considered Offensive, Overreaching

Los Alamos

The Chapter 18 code revision being considered is offensive and overreaching! This community has told you over and over and over that we don’t want Los Alamos County Code Enforcement to resemble an Home Owners Association. You need to rewrite this code and focus on Health and Safety issues only!!

The sad thing is, I don’t think you, the County Council, care what we think. I think if we send you 100s of emails, you will ignore us (again). You will claim you have 100s of proponents who somehow never make their comments publicly.

But at least I am telling you now, in no uncertain terms- that this code revision goes against what the majority of this town wants.

I sat on the Community Development Advisory Board for over a year. I heard from community member after community member who had been adversely affected by the nuisance codes in this town. This revision was supposed to help and you have allowed them to actually make it worse!! 

This linked article could have been written here under Michael Arellano. You are creating a situation that makes this not only possible, but probable! Have you learned nothing from the Sirphey lawsuit?? For God’s sake, learn the lesson and make this better!! 

Sincerely, angrily, with the utmost of frustration,
Anna Dillane