Rotarians Participate In Clean Up Los Alamos Day

Despite steady rain, Rotarians participated in Saturday’s Clean Up Los Alamos Day by tending to the Memorial Garden at Los Alamos High School.  The garden, a partnership between the Rotary Club of Los Alamos and the Los Alamos  Public Schools, honors students who have passed away while enrolled at the high school.  It was dedicated in December 2012.  Pictured are, from left, Stacey Castille, Hannes Wiertzema, a Rotary Youth Exchange student from German, Oliver Morris, Dan Castille, Tim Bullock, and Elizabeth Allen.  Photo by Matt Allen

Matt Allen with youthful helpers sweep out the Rotary Treehouse at PEEC during Saturday’s Clean Up Los Alamos Day. Photo by Elizabeth Allen

Elizabeth and Matt Allen spend a rainy morning with the Rotary Club of Los Alamos caring for the Rotary Treehouse at PEEC.  The treehouse was designed and built by Danny Romero, owner of Green Lawn Supreme, and dedicated in August 2018. Courtesy photo