Local Meet Up Group Announces Changes And New Activities

Hosts for the local meet up group ‘The Los Alamos Social Club’ are, from left, James Gunn, Andrea McCann, Brian Lippy, Anna Dillane and Lisa Roberts. Not pictured is Skye Sandborgh. Courtesy photo


“The Los Alamos Yours to Discover” group is now called “The Los Alamos Social Club”. Anyone interested in participating can use either the new or old name to find a link to the meet up page.

Anna Dillane, long-time host/organizer, thought that the new name reflects the purpose of the group a little more accurately and it’s shorter! The group also has a new leadership team that along with Dillane, is excited to each plan at least one meet up a month. The new hosts will be putting up the following events on the meet up calendar:

Brian Lippy will host a weekly biking meet up every Saturday morning at 10 a.m.

Skye Sandborgh will host s hiking meet up every Tuesday morning which will be great for parents whose kids are at school

Andrea McCann will host a book club once a month focusing on historical fiction and fun, and you don’t even have to read the book to attend.

Lisa Roberts will host a craft circle once a month where you get together and bring whatever you are working on.

James Gun will host a monthly game night.

All of this will be posted to the Meet up Calendar soon and invitations should arrive in email inbox of anyone who is signed up. 

“Do you have an event you’d like to see happen every month? Every week? Everyone is welcome to host events! The only requirement is that you host at least once a month (otherwise its not feasible to give you the right permissions on the site). Its really easy, but I can help get you comfortable with the process if you need it,” Dillane said.

Options include:

*Coffee meet up   
*Movie nights 
*Dinner parties   
*Poker night   
*Santa Fe Museums   
*Trivia night   
*Lunch group   
*Gym workout group 
*Exploring Los Alamos Restaurants   
*Happy hour 
*Local plays / events 
*Something else??

Dillane has been running the local meet up group (essentially alone) for almost 9 years and says she is excited to branch out with new volunteer leaders. 

“A fantastic side effect of the new leadership is some really different meet ups in the works which will hopefully bring a whole new different set of folks into the group! Contact me of you would like to host some events! Its a great way to meet new friends and get out more!” she said.

The local Meet up group is sponsored by the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce to promote community connections.

For more information, go to Los Alamos Social Club Meet Up. Join the group (free and easy) and select the option to receive invitations to local events!