Los Alamos Youth Mountain Bikers Compete At Oak Flats

Los Alamos youth cyclists and coaches warmed up in the parking lot before the Oak Flats Mountain Bike race early Sunday morning. Quanah Moseley, Mila Moseley, Paul Allen, Morgan Allen, Chris McLean, James Tyldesley, Jim Tyldesley, Ian McLean, Cullen McLean, Calvin Grow, and Mary Grow (left to right). Courtesy photo.

Los Alamos Youth Mountain Bike Team

Seven Los Alamos youth cyclists competed against a talented field of over 100 youth athletes at the Oak Flats cross country mountain bike race on Sunday, August 14, 2022.  The four-mile course at Oak Flats tested athletes with a technical rock garden immediately after the start line.  Once athletes completed the technical test of skill, their fitness was challenged by several climbs over chunky wheel catching cobbled rock features. Athletes raced over a four-mile loop that they repeated between one to four times depending on race category.  Category 1 racers completed four laps, category 2 racers completed three laps, and category 3 racers completed one lap, for 16, 12 or 4 miles of high intensity cross country riding, respectively.

James Tyldesley a Los Alamos High School senior was the first of the Los Alamos athletes to the start line.  James competed against the category 1 juniors with an impressive 4th place finish in the male 17-18 age category.

James Tyldesley crushing his second lap at Oak Flats in the Youth Category 1 field. Courtesy photo.

Diego Leonard, Mila Moseley, and Quanah Moseley in the mass start rolling off the line. Courtesy photo.

Cullen McLean with Diego Leonard tight on his wheel at the start of lap 3 in the Category 2 race. Courtesy photo.

Next to the start line were Mila and Quanah Moseley, Diego Leonard, Ian and Cullen McLean, all of these athletes raced in the category 2 field.  A mass start of the category 2 athletes required sharp elbows with this extremely competitive and sizeable field to find a safe start position, especially with the impending technical rock garden.  Mila Moseley, a Los Alamos High School freshman, aced the technical tests presented by the race course earning a 3rd place spot on the podium for the female 13-14 age category. Diego Leonard and Ian McLean attend Los Alamos Middle School in 7th and 8th grade, respectively.  Cullen McLean and Quanah Moseley attend Los Alamos Mountain Elementary in 6th grade and 4th grade, respectively. Diego Leonard led the category 2 field with a photo race finish earning the top spot for the male 11-12 age category.  Ian McLean finished the race in 2nd place for the male 13-14 age group, followed by Cullen McLean in 2nd place for the male 11-12 age category. Quanah Moseley earned 1st place for the male 9-10 age category. 

Ian McLean sitting up at the finish line after an arduous sprint. Courtesy photo.

Category 3 racers were the last to line up for the start of what was a first-time racing experience for most of the field.  Rookie racer Morgan Allen, Los Alamos High School sophomore, came out strong to secure a 1st place finish for the female 15-16 age category. She celebrated her triumph over the trail as well as overcoming the butterflies that sometimes get the best of athletes during a debut race.

Morgan Allen rolling confidently over a chunky rock feature. Courtesy photo.

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For more information about the Oak Flats Mountain Bike race and full list of results please see https://oakflatsmtb.com