Masks Optional At Local Senior Centers

Executive Director

The local senior centers will try once again, a gradual return to services. Temperature checks are gone and masks are option for members. Staff are required to remain masked and additional safety protocols are still in place.

“We just ask that members are cautious and understand that the virus can present as a sore throat and come across as allergies or the flu,” said Bernadette Lauritzen, Executive Director. “Please stay home or mask, if you aren’t feeling right. If you’ve been in the center and test positive, please let us know right away.”

LARSO hopes the community continues to do better each week. Those are the benchmarks that need to happen to return to indoor dining and allow staff to go mask-free.

“If we don’t maintain additional safety protocols like some social distance, covering coughs and sneezes, washing hands and using sanitizer, a staff break-out could mean the closing of a center, said Lauritzen. “If you don’t do it for your own safety, do it for my staff, as COVID time off could mean someone goes without pay.”