LAPS Welcomes Back Staff, Honors 95 Staff Members For Years Of Service

LAPS Supt. Dr. Jose Delfin, center, invited Lt. Gov. Howie Morales and Commissioner of Public Lands Stephanie Garcia Richard to this year’s LAPS Staff Welcome Back Meeting. Photo Courtesy LAPS

Susan Hammock, left, and Jennifer Kieltyka received awards for 30 years of service with Los Alamos Public Schools during the LAPS Staff Welcome Back Meeting. Not pictured is Bruce Riebe was also recognized for 30 years of service. Photo Courtesy LAPS


Ninety-five Los Alamos Public Schools employees received service awards during the All-Staff Back to School meeting held last week in Duane Smith Auditorium. Staff from across the district were on hand for the welcome back meeting which featured guest speakers Lt. Gov. Howie Morales and Commissioner of Public Lands Stephanie Garcia Richard. Supt. Dr. Jose Delfin gave a brief presentation and reminded all staff that “together we shine brighter.”

Human Resources representatives handed out Nambe ware for five, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of service. Three employees achieved 30 years of service.

LAPS has a staff of over 600 employees, and is the third largest employer in Los Alamos, behind Los Alamos National Laboratory and Los Alamos County. “We are thrilled that so many employees enjoy being a part of the LAPS family and their longevity with the district,” said Superintendent Delfin.

Employees recognized this year include:

Five Year Awards

Lindsay Alexander, Rachel Bartram, Yvette Byers, Aubrey Cisneros, Catherine Cloran, Beth Combs, Ryan Daly, Allan Didier, Christine Dubois, Kimberly Engelking, Valeria Erives-Prieto, Lindsay Gibson, Christina Gonzales, Felyse Hastings, Laura Haynes, Angele Hill, Howard Huttel, Caron Inglis, Kaela Jacobson, Monica Koski, Katrina Lake, Alexandria L’Esperance, Libby Lovejoy, Stephanie Luscher, Janelle Maestas, Katrina Martin, Ame Mashburn, Guillermo Miranda, Angela Moss, Michela Ombelli, Natalie Passalacqua, Danna Pelland, Jesus Perez-Arevalo, Alison Renner, Maria Romero, Analicia Ronquillo, Tianmei Seet, Colter Spearing, Elizabeth Turner, Alyssa Van Anne, Denise Westerman, Amy Yost and Elizabeth Ziomek.

Ten Year Awards

Julia Agnew, Andy Ainsworth, Rebecca Cabildo, Elisa Christon, Stephanie Fabry, Kandice Favorite, Ryan Finn, Deborah Grothaus, Eloy Gutierrez Morales, Mary Alice Hawkins, Jodi Hughes, Alicia Kirkland, David Parsons, Christopher Realivazquez, Scott Reynolds, Alisa Rolfe, Emily Romero, Jason Rutledge, Akiko Shina, Ann Stewart, Daphne Thompson, Britt Williams and Sal Zapien.

Fifteen Year Awards

Eva Abeyta, Amy Bartlett, Kristin Chavez, Kimberly Clayton, Don Davis, Michelle Gustafson, Raeann Harp, Joyce Haven, Colby Holland, Tricia Javernick, Sharon Jiron, Alyssa Romero and Linda Uher.

Twenty Year Awards

Luci Best, Jon Frost, Colleen Goddard, Margaret Larkin, Argelia Prieto-Molino, Catherine Puranananda, Frances Sanderson and Shannon Trujillo.

Twenty-five Year Awards

Michele Altherr, Patrick Brousseau, Kristi Carr, Cindy Herrera and Carolyn Torres.

Thirty Year Awards

Susan Hammock, Jennifer Kieltyka and Bruce Riebe.

Students returned to school on Wednesday.