Three LAHS Cheerleaders Selected To Perform In The London New Year’s Day Parade

LAHS Cheerleaders Allyson Harbert, Megan Martinez and Sophia Sisneros, have been been selected as All-Americans, and will represent Varsity Spirit in the London New Year’s Day Parade in London, England. Photo Courtesy LAPS


Los Alamos High School is proud to announce that three Varsity Cheerleaders, senior Megan Martinez and freshmen Allyson Harbert and Sophia Sisneros, will represent Varsity Spirit, the global leader in cheerleading, dance team and band apparel, camps and competitions, and a division of Varsity Brands, the market leader in team sports, school spirit and achievement recognition, in the London New Year’s Day Parade in London, England from December 26, 2022 – January 3, 2023.

Cheerleaders, dancers, and drum majors who are invited to perform in the London New Year’s Day Parade are part of a select group of All-Americans identified at Varsity Spirit summer camps across the country. All-Americans are based on superior cheerleading, dance, or drum major skills as well as leadership skills at camps operated by Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA), Universal Dance Association (UDA), National Cheerleaders Association (NCA), National Dance Alliance (NDA), United Spirit Association (USA) or Urban Cheerleading Experience (UCE). Los Alamos Topper Cheerleaders attended a UCA Camp at University of Colorado- Colorado Springs on July 11-14 where Allyson, Megan, and Sophia were selected as All-Americans. Only the top 12% of the cheerleaders and dancers from Varsity Spirit camps earn the chance to participate in a performance of this caliber.  

“It is such an honor to have been chosen as an All-American! We are looking forward to representing Los Alamos and the United States. Thank you so much to our family, friends, and community for all your support,” Allyson, Megan and Sophia enthused.

“We are thrilled to be back participating in the London New Year’s Day Parade, and that these excellent athletes will have the chance to perform and experience our Special Events abroad,” said Bill Seely, President of Varsity Spirit. “We are honored to provide them a one-of-a-kind opportunity, where they will meet and connect with cheerleaders, dancers, and drum majors from across the United States, as well as be a part of an international and historical parade experience.”

Allyson, Megan, and Sophia will perform with Varsity Spirit All-Americans in an exclusive performance on Piccadilly. Since its inaugural parade in 1987, the London New Year’s Day Parade attracts over 10,000 participants from the USA, UK, Europe and beyond to delight a street audience of over 500,000 and TV audience, which reaches more than 500,000,000 annually.

“We are extremely proud of Allyson, Megan and Sophia,” said LAHS Cheer Coach Lauren Sandoval. “This is a once in a lifetime experience that they will never forget.”

Besides being able to perform in a world-renowned parade, athletes will have the opportunity to meet cheerleaders and dancers from across the US and enjoy a memorable trip to one of the world’s most popular cities. 

The Varsity Spirit All-American program is celebrating more than 30 years of honoring camp standouts. For more information, visit London New Year’s Day Parade. 

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The girls will be fundraising to help with the costs of the trip.  If you would like to make a donation, please contact Ms. Sandoval at