Kiwanis Club Hears Of Boerigters’ Travel

Kathy and Steve Boerigter at the July 19 meeting of the Kiwanis Club. Photo by Brooke Davis

lKiwanis Club

Kiwanians Steve and Kathy Boerigter enjoy international travel, and even the pandemic hasn’t slowed them down. They spoke at a Kiwanis meeting on July 19, outlining a recent trip that spanned many countries.

In March, they were in the United Kingdom. They rented a car in London and accomplished the daunting challenge (at least to US drivers) of braving the “wrong” side of the road and the roundabouts all the way to Edinburgh, Scotland.

While in Edinburgh, the visited the castle, walked several parts of the city, and partook of the food and drink in the city’s taverns. While making their way back south, they visited the York Minster, the summer home of Albert and Victoria, the old Roman town of bath, Stonehenge, and Windsor Castle.

The Boerigters were impressed by the age of the buildings, the extreme wealth of the monarchy at the height of its power, and, last but not least, the delicious and international food they enjoyed.

After a brief return to the states, they were finalizing the details for a trip to Japan, but discovered that the country has not yet opened to western tourists. After some last-minute negotiations with the air carrier, they changed their plans and traveled instead to Sweden, Denmark, and Sweden. Among the highlights of their Scandinavian adventure was a wonderful museum that showcased a sunken battleship built by King Gustav, who copied its design from ships in the British fleet.

And Japan? It’s still closed to tourists, but the Boerigters still plan to go there.