County Releases Draft Updates To Chapter 18 Nuisance Code


After a year of soliciting feedback, public meetings, a technical review, and a community survey, representatives from the Los Alamos County Community Development Department (CDD) and its contractor Dekker/Perich/Sabatini (DPS) have completed a final draft of the Chapter 18 nuisance code.  It has been released to the public and available to be viewed online at .

According to CDD staff, public comments are welcome and can be emailed to Jessica Lawlis at or Sobia Sayeda at until September 2. Moreover, CDD and DPS will present the draft nuisance code to the Los Alamos County Community Development Advisory Board (CDAB) on August 15 at 5:30 p.m. with a subsequent presentation to the County Council in September, date still to be determined.

The nuisance code specifically addresses weeds, outdoor storage, dilapidation, refuse and rubbish, and other threats to public health, safety, and welfare on private property. This project is the first comprehensive update to this section within the Los Alamos Code of Ordinance Chapter 18 Environment Article II. The intent is to:

Clarify the existing standards,

  • Improve overall organization and structure of the existing code,
  • Prioritize and classify nuisances,
  • Clarify code enforcement goals of Los Alamos County, and
  • Align code enforcement procedures to County priorities

Feedback from CDAB representatives and councilors along with applicable public comments will be incorporated into a nuisance ordinance by CDD staff.  Councilors will consider adoption of the ordinance at a public hearing in the fall. 

For more information, interested individuals can visit the Chapter 18 Nuisance Code Update webpage or call CDD at 505.662.8120.