State Rep. Christine Chandler Receives NM AFL-CIO Labor Riveter, Trailblazer Awards For Supporting NM’s Workers

Rep. Christine Chandler, center with Ashley Long, Secretary NMFL and Vince Alvarado, President NMFL. at the recent Federation of Labor Convention. Courtesy photo


Representative Christine Chandler (HD43) received the New Mexico Federation of Labor AFL-CIO’s “Labor Riveter” and “Labor Trailblazer” awards at the recent Federation’s Annual Convention.

“Since taking office in 2019, it’s been my privilege to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with my brothers and sisters in organized labor to champion legislation that secures the right to organize and legislation that improves pay and working conditions for all workers in New Mexico,” said Chandler.

Chandler was recognized for her efforts in sponsoring and co-sponsoring, and passing several key pieces of legislation, including:

  • SB98 (Public Project Prevailing Wage Complaints) – 2020 Legislative Session – which amended the Public Works Minimum Wage Act to ensure that workers employed on public works projects have the tools to ensure they are paid properly.
  • HB20 (Healthy Workplaces Act) – 2021 Legislative Session – which requires paid sick leave for New Mexico’s workers.
  • SB4 (Prevailing Wage and Fringe Benefit Rates) – 2022 Legislative Session – which closed a loophole that allowed unreasonable delay in enforcing annual wage rates.
  • SB41 (College Research Park & Economic Development Act Changes) – 2022 Legislative Session – which ensures that all healthcare workers at our UNM medical centers can organize and advocate for fair pay and working conditions.

“I’ve dedicated my time in the NM Legislature to ensuring that we are treating, and paying, our hard-working New Mexicans fairly,” said Chandler. “We must ensure that organizations using tax-payer dollars are providing fair wages and the best work conditions possible. We owe it to our residents to do this.”

The NM Federation of Labor is one of nearly 500 state and local labor councils of the AFL-CIO and are democratically elected bodies dedicated to representing the interests of working people at the state and local level. Their membership includes bakers, electricians, fire fighters, paramedics, iron workers, office workers, plumbers, corrections officers, sheet metal workers, educators, laborers, machinists, airline workers, insulators, healthcare workers, painters, autoworkers, transportation workers, state workers, film workers, and countless others.

The New Mexico Federation of Labor awards these designations annually at their convention. Other award winners included Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, Senator Katy Duhigg, and Senator Mimi Stewart, President Pro Tempore.