Independence Day

White Rock

Independence Day has lost its appeal. It’s supposed to be a day where we celebrate our freedoms and liberties we have. It’s supposed to be a day where we reflect on the trials and tribulations faced by those who fought for rights in this country. Now, we have a Supreme Court erasing decades of history, precedent, and rights. Not just Roe, but more decisions are on the chopping block if Justice Thomas’ opinion is to be believed. Rapists rights (abortion bans), contraceptive restrictions, and gay marriage bans are going to come roaring to fruition (and some have already) if we don’t put a stop to this right-wing garbage agenda. 

I didn’t serve this country for 7.5 years for the GOP to turn America in to a theocracy. I didn’t sacrifice my free time, time with my family, and my own health to have the GOP tell me that the LGBTQ+ community isn’t human enough to marry one another. I didn’t spend 9 months on deployment, or nearly die from seizures while on active duty to have the GOP give more rights to rapists than women. The GOP right now has said that rapists matter more than a poor 10 year old girl in Ohio.

I recently got told (by a leader of the local party) that the Los Alamos GOP wants nothing to do with me after my wife’s letter to the editor. My response? GOOD. You can’t have bipartisanship when you are actively oppressing people. You can’t have people working together across the aisle when you are telling groups of people they are less than white males. I was also told (by that same leader) that I’m not even liked by my own party. The petty insult was designed to hurt my feelings, but it did the opposite. I’m not in this to be “liked” by anyone. I’m not involved in our community to be “popular”. The only reason I have done anything in this community is because I understand that this is way bigger than me. This is the SAME reason why I served in the military. I don’t want my name on a plaque, or anything remotely close to that. I want to make this community a better place for every single person, regardless of color, age, gender identity or sexual orientation. That is an ideal the GOP here in Los Alamos, as well as across the nation is severely lacking. 

Until the GOP can recognize this and change their platform to reflect that of actual freedom, and not that of theocracy, there will be no bipartisanship from me. I am Christian, but I don’t want any of my religious beliefs forced on ANYONE. That’s NOT what this country is about. Democrats aren’t ideal in every manner, but right now they are the defenders of freedom. They are the defenders of this republic. Until something changes drastically, I will do my best to ensure that no GOP candidate gets elected in this county. The GOP needs to stand up for freedom for ALL.  Until then, feel free to keep up with the petty insults and the double standards. I can take the criticism, but I sincerely doubt your campaigns can.