Don’t Get Discouraged: Get Going After SCOTUS EPA Ruling


Many are concerned about what the recent SCOTUS EPA ruling means for the US’s ability to fight climate change. It’s true that climate change is one of the most urgent global crises that we are facing, and there’s simply no time to spare in implementing solutions. The good news is you can start to be a part of those solutions today. 

For starters, the upcoming midterms are the perfect opportunity to begin voting with climate in mind, and asking your friends, family, and fellow community to do the same. To go the extra mile, consider supporting the Environmental Voter Project, an outreach organization with a proven track record of transforming individuals concerned about the environment into consistent voters. 

Beyond the election cycle, we have both a right and a duty to let the current administration– no matter its makeup– know that Congressional action on climate change can’t wait. It takes just a few minutes every month to call your members of Congress and tell them as a constituent that you want them to take every action to accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels. Organizations like Citizens’ Climate Lobby, which has an active New Mexico state chapter, empower voters to join a growing movement urging Congress to take these actions.

These simple actions are the most powerful ones we can take as individuals to fight climate change. So don’t get discouraged, get going!