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Road Construction Update: Week of July 4, 2022 

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Public Works Projects:  

The projects listed in this section are being managed by County Public Works staff through  contractors. For more information, please e-mail, call (505)662-8150, or visit  the “Projects/Public Works” link at Please slow down and use caution  within the construction work zones. Please note the below information is based on a schedule  provided by the contractors and may change due to weather or other delays. 

Sherwood Blvd and Aztec Ave 

Star Paving will not be working on Monday, July 4th.  

Sherwood Blvd is closed to through traffic at the intersection of Aztec Ave and Grand Canyon  Dr. Residents on Sherwood are required to enter and exit Sherwood either from Aztec or Grand  Canyon, depending on the daily position of the movable work zone. This closure is necessary to  facilitate installation of new storm drainpipe. 

Traffic devices and detour signs are in place to help motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians navigate  around the work zone.  

Vehicular access is limited to those who reside in the immediate work area and mail delivery,  emergency services, trash, and recycling collection. For safety of the traveling public, residents  are asked not to or remove or relocate traffic control devices, signs, and barricades. Area  residents who may have special access needs are asked to contact the Public Works Department. 

Closure of Sherwood from Grand Canyon to Aztec for this first phase of work is scheduled  through end of July, while closure for the next phase of roadwork from Longview Drive to Aztec  is scheduled for the end of July 2022 and the final phase will be Piedra Loop to Grand Canyon,  scheduled for August 2022.  

Bixby Electric is working along Sherwood Blvd installing a new conduit for streetlights for  Sherwood at the intersection. Work schedules are subject to change pending weather conditions  and any material shipping delays. Work Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through  Friday.  

Cumbres del Norte Road Improvements  

Star Paving will not be working on Monday, July 4th

Star Paving crews continue removal operations of curbs and gutters, sidewalks, and drive pads  from the intersection of Camino Redondo and San Ildefonso heading south for approximately  2,000 feet. The contractor will be forming and placing sidewalk, curb & gutter, and drive pads  throughout the described removal area. Expect contractor personnel and equipment within the  area. Please use caution while traveling through the project work zone. 

Canyon Rd Reconstruction  

TLC Plumbing and Utility will begin construction activities on Canyon Rd Tuesday, July 5 with  Phase 1 of the project. Phase 1 will start at Rose St and continue to the western driveway of the  Aquatic Center.  

Phase 2 will begin at the completion of Phase 1, and will include the section from the western  driveway of the Aquatic Center to 39th St. Phase 3 will begin at the completion of Phase 2, and  will include the section of Canyon Rd from the intersection of Central Ave to the back driveway  of the Aquatic Center. Completion of the project is scheduled at the end of November 2022. 

The Contractor will coordinate with Aquatic Center, Canyon Village Apartment residents, and  IHM Catholic Church on detours and access for each phase of the project. 

Services such as mail delivery, trash and recycling collection, and emergency services will be  maintained. Please contact the Public Works Department should you have special access needs.  

Atomic City Transit and Park & Ride will adjust their routes accordingly. 

Work hours are Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please use caution around the  construction area and avoid entering the work zone. 

DP Rd (Work related to Canyon Walk Apts and The Bluffs – Bethel Development) 

A contractor working for Qualcon Builders will begin construction of the remaining sidewalk  sections, replacement of broken curb and gutter, and clean up and grading along both sides of DP  Rd. These activities will impact the roadway from Trinity Dr to Fire Station #2, with segments of  the roadway periodically restricted to one-lane traffic controlled by a flagger. One-lane traffic  restrictions will occur only during hours of construction, potentially from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  daily.  

The work on DP Rd is related to the Canyon Walk Apartments and The Bluffs senior housing  (under construction). The project includes installation of curb and gutter, sidewalks, and paving  of the roadway, the bulk of which was completed in the Fall of 2021. All remaining construction  activities related to the reconstruction of DP Rd are now expected to be completed by the end of  July 2022 (weather permitting).

Canyon Rim Trail Partial Closure between DP Rd and the DP Canyon Bridge  

A contractor working for Qualcon Builders (Canyon Walk Apartments) will be adjusting the  drainage along the south side of the Canyon Rim Trail between DP Rd and the DP Canyon  Bridge.  

During this activity, the south side of the trail will be closed intermittently while a small piece of  equipment conducts the work. Contractor employees (flaggers) will be on-site to direct trail users  safely through the work area during these times. Trail users are asked to use caution and follow  the direction of the flaggers during this work. 

Traffic & Streets Projects:  

The projects listed in this section are being managed by County Traffic & Streets Division staff.  Please slow down and use caution within the construction work zones. Call Daniel Blea, Acting  Traffic and Streets Manager for concerns, 505-663-8206.  

Countywide Striping  

Crews will continue striping roads in White Rock and Los Alamos. Vehicle and pedestrian traffic  are urged to maintain a safe distance from the striping equipment to prevent getting their  property sprayed with paint. 

Vegetation Control County Wide 

Streets crews will be performing vegetation control all week in various places within Los Alamos  County, particularly along trails leading to schools and parks.  

4th of July Concert Event at Overlook Park in White Rock 

Starting at 7:30 a.m. Monday, July 4, crews will begin placing cones to prevent parking on  Meadow Lane from Chamisa School to Overlook Park, and from Overlook to Bryce Ave. Residents are asked to remove vehicles from the street, along Meadow Lane, Bryce Ave, and  Overlook Rd to avoid traffic congestion. Only residents who live in this area will be allowed to  enter and exit. No parking along the street will be permitted for safety purposes. 

Meadow Lane, from Overlook to Bryce will be closed starting at 10:00 a.m. until midnight for  the dedicated Transit operation serving the event and for the safety of pedestrians as they enter  and exit the event.

Non-County Projects:  

The following road construction updates are posted below in the interest of keeping residents  informed but are being managed or conducted by others. Please obey all traffic devices and  slowdown in work zones.  

Annual 4th of July Parade & Carnival –  

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in White Rock 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in White Rock is having its Annual 4th of July  Parade. The event will start at 10:00 a.m. and be complete by 10:45 a.m. on Monday, July 4. The  parade route begins at the church at 366 Grand Canyon Dr and heads west on Grand Canyon.  The participants will then turn south on Ridgecrest Ave and head to Aragon Ave, where they will  turn north to the intersection of Grand Canyon, where they turn west to return to the church. The  Los Alamos Police Department will be assisting participants along the route. For questions  related to the parade, please contact David Parkinson, event coordinator, at 505-709-5074.  

Annual Firecracker 5K Family Fun Run – Los Alamos YMCA 

The Family YMCA will be hosting its Annual Firecracker 5K Family Fun Run in Los Alamos on  Monday, July 4 starting at 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. The race route will begin at the YMCA at  1450 Iris St. Participants will head west on Iris to 15th St, where they will turn north to Canyon  Rd. They will then head west on Canyon Rd, make a u-turn at Diamond Dr, and head back the  way they came to the YMCA. The Los Alamos Police Department will assist with the Run. For information regarding this event, please contact Chris Daniels, YMCA, at 575-613-5581. 

Annual Children’s Parade for the 4th of July – YMCA 

The Family YMCA will be hosting its Annual 4th of July Children’s Parade on Monday, July 4  beginning at 10:00 a.m. and ending at 11:00 a.m. The parade route will begin at 1450 Iris Street  (YMCA Parking Lot) and head west on Iris St to 15th St, where they will turn south and head to  

Central Ave. They will then turn west and head to Ashley Pond Park for more festivities. The Los  Alamos Police Department will assist with the parade. For information regarding this event,  please contact Chris Daniels, YMCA, at 575-613-5581 

Annual 4th of July Pig Pickin’ Block Party at Woodland Rd – Road Closure 

Residents who live along Woodland Rd will be holding their Annual 4th of July Pig Pickin’ Block  Party beginning at 2:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. on Monday, July 4. Woodland Rd will be closed  between Club Rd and Country Lane for safety reasons. Vehicle traffic will be detoured along  Club Rd to Country Lane to access the western half of Woodland Rd. Access for emergency  vehicles will be maintained. For information regarding this event, please contact Julia Sheppard  at 505-699-4082.

LANL: Bikini Atoll 

Crews are working near the entrance to the Receiving and Distribution Center at TA03-0030. Expect some delays on Bikini Atoll from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. through mid-August. 

LANL: West Rd 

Posts and cables are being installed along West Rd. Traffic will be reduced to one lane during the  day. Traffic signals indicating the one-lane closure will start about 500 feet northeast of Omega  Rd and extend about 500 feet west of the reservoir entrance. All traffic should obey the  temporary traffic signals and watch for workers. The work is expected to be completed in early July 2022. 

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