YMCA Sports, Youth & Family Director Describes Hopes And Plans For Program

Veronika Magnelind speaks at the June 21 meeting of the Kiwanis Club. Photo by Brooke Davis

Kiwanis Club

Veronika Magnelind, the YMCA’s sports, youth, and family director, has strong hopes and plans for the future which she shared with Kiwanians in a talk at the June 21 Meeting.

She would like to get going on more programs for middle school students, including one she has started that works with them to learn how to handle a wide variety of difficult life decisions. Magnelind believes it is important to help student develop strength in both the mind and body.

Among her desired future plans are intensive basketball training (and training in other sports including tennis), adding intramural sports, working with Ys in other states, and adding a bouldering cave to the climbing wall.

When asked what things she needed if she could snap her fingers and get them, she responded with increased high school student participation, more coaches and referees, and more gymnasiums (including facilities in White Rock).