Response To Julie Walker

White Rock

Thank you for your patriotism. I appreciate your honorable service on the Navy’s combat team. 

I would like to challenge kindly your portrayal of the GOP in your Letter to the Editor ( By “GOP” it seems you are referring to local Republicans as a group. You ascribe offensive and unkind actions to a whole group of people, and I am unaware of when Republicans have committed such deeds as a group. 

You wrote that the GOP is “so hateful to those they do not understand.” You wrote that the “GOP believes that EVERYONE needs to fit within their narrow parameters of what they view as the ideal nuclear family.” This statement assumes that you know what all Republicans believe. You wrote that the “GOP has been targeting and laughing about the suffering they inflict on the LGBTQIA+ community.” This statement is untrue as it lumps all Republicans together and portrays offensive actions as party efforts. It is illogical and unfair to judge a whole group based on the actions of a few who have not been given the authority to represent that group.

I have attended many meetings of the Los Alamos Republican Party (RPLA) and of the Los Alamos Federated Republican Women (LAFRW). In the meetings, we plan fundraisers/meet‘n’ greets for candidates, plan how to promote our positions of conservative fiscal policies and smaller government, and organize benefits/events for veterans, shelters, single mothers and victims of natural disasters.

There has never been an effort to plan how we can suppress the freedom of others or offend and hurt others. There has never been laughter in meetings about how some people have been hurt. There has never been an effort to organize a straight pride event nor has there ever been encouragement (nor approval) to paint over or deface messages displayed by various groups or persons in town, including displays connected to pride month. 

A few individuals who vote Republican may commit actions that are hurtful, but they do not represent the standards or beliefs of the RPLA or the LAFRW. I know people who identify as Democrats who have been aggressive and used vulgar language toward people displaying signs for conservatives. Yet it would be inaccurate and unfair for me to say, “Democrats believe they have a right to act threatening toward those they disagree with.” 

Many signs for conservative candidates have been destroyed or stolen during past election cycles. I am quite certain that these vandals and thieves do not vote Republican. Yet it would be inaccurate for me to say, “People who don’t support Republican candidates believe those who do support them should not have the freedom to express themselves.”

I know such statements would be unfair because I know many Democrats and unaffiliated voters. The majority are fair-minded and fully support freedom of speech for everyone. The same is true of Republicans. 

As the wife of a veteran, I appreciate your statement about why you served in the military. Along with the Republicans I associate with, I agree with your beliefs that all people deserve to have a voice and the freedom to express themselves.

This letter is not about various issues that some decide others must take a public stand on. This letter is a plea not to attack a whole group based on the actions of a few who are not representative of that group. 

As stated on the RPLA website,

As Republicans, we believe in PEOPLE. Extraordinary strength and capability lies in the diverse people of our community, state, and nation. Personal freedom and responsibility, hard work, responsible free enterprise, and strong moral character and compassion are foundations of our society.