LANL: West Road Getting Safer For Drivers And Cyclists – Watch For Crews Working In The Area

Pedestrian crosswalks and fencing on the highlighted section of West Road will make the busy street less  hazardous. 

Get ready for a safer drive and bike ride on West Road, thanks to fencing that is being installed  along sections of it by Los Alamos National Laboratory. The project started June 13, 2022. 

The new fence will improve safety in the following ways: 

• Cars won’t be permitted to park along West Road, meaning fewer people will need to walk in the road. 

• Dry grass and pine needles are less likely to ignite if cars aren’t parked near them along  the road, decreasing the potential for fire. 

• Bicyclists will have additional space to ride safely. 

What you can do 

• Please park at the Los Alamos County Ice Rink and paved overflow lot.  

• Be patient as Laboratory employees install fencing.  

• Follow posted speed limits and watch for crews working in the area. 


How this benefits you 

Imagine driving West Road’s hairpin turn as people walk in the road to and from their parked cars. 

As an avid hiker, Andrew Erickson, the Los Alamos National Lab’s Utilities and Infrastructure Division Director, understands the concerns. His division oversees the project, and he sees the dangers. “Reducing the potential for fires and vehicle accidents with pedestrians will improve the safety of the Los Alamos community and makes this project beneficial for all of us,” he said. 

Fence facts  

• Fencing is being installed on the road shoulders to stop informal parking. • Fencing posts and cables will be installed on the north and south sides of West Road  near the ice rink. The fencing will extend to the east from the guardrails at the hairpin curve. • Traffic will be reduced to one lane during the week for the duration of the project, which will  last approximately three weeks. 

• Pedestrian signs and crosswalks will be installed to identify the trail crossings. 

Room for bicyclists to stop 

The fencing will be at least three feet from the white stripe on West Road. This allows for a shoulder for bicyclists to pull over and stop, if needed.  

Stage III fire restrictions in effect 

As a reminder, Stage III fire restrictions remain in effect for Los Alamos National Laboratory, and all Lab trails are closed. Please contact for further information or visit the Taking Care of Our Trails website for additional information about Lab trails.