Los Alamos County Moves To Stage 2 Fire Restrictions: County Trails Are Open


With the increase in rain activity in the region, Los Alamos County will move to Stage 2 Fire Restrictions effective immediately. A revised Fire Marshal’s Order to reflect these changes will be issued on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. 

According to the Los Alamos Fire Department (LAFD) officials, this action opens access to all County trails, and allows outdoor firing range activity with safety measures in place, although some “trail closure” signage may not yet be removed.  Visit the websites of the Santa Fe National Forest and Los Alamos National Laboratory to find information on the status of trails under the jurisdiction of these agencies.

The LAFD officials advise recreational users to report potential fire activity early, as we remain in extreme fire danger due to extended drought conditions.

The following are NOT ALLOWED during Stage 2 Fire Restrictions:

  • Non-permissible fireworks as defined by State statue adopted by County ordinance, at your home, public or County land or open space(s) are prohibited. (See Los Alamos County – Fire Marshal’s Office homepage for more information. https://lacnm.com/LAFD-FireMarshal.  As a reminder, fireworks are restricted per local proclamation as of June 14, 2022, which prohibits the use of firecrackers, aerial devices such as bottle rockets and reloading shells, and roman candles.
  • Sky lanterns.
  • Building, maintaining an open fire, campfires, to include charcoal (briquet) grills at all dispersed camping sites (undeveloped) and developed campgrounds or any County open space(s) and or public lands and private residences.
  • No open burning, bonfire or blasting, explosive permits will be issued by the Fire Marshal’s office.
  • Recreational fires at your home in fixed or portable (3×2) fire pits.
  • Driving off designated roadways, or using or operating a generator, chainsaw or other internal combustible engine without a spark arresting device.

The following are ALLOWED during Stage 2 Fire Restrictions:

  • Stoves, grills, lanterns, and heaters fueled by propane, or other liquified petroleum fuels may be used if they meet manufacturer’s safety specifications and have on/off switches.
  • Smoking only in enclosed vehicles or buildings.
  • Permissible fireworks as defined by State Statue adopted by County ordinance for use at your home, but not for use on public or County land and open space(s). (See Los Alamos County website link above for more information.) Permissible aerial use may be limited with a proclamation, if adopted locally near the holiday.
  • Per fire code, Fireworks (professional displays) or other pyrotechnic devices only with an approved permit from the Los Alamos County – Fire Marshal’s Office, which will be evaluated at the time of request considering current fire conditions.
  • Welding or operating acetylene torch or other torch with a flame only with a valid approved operational permit issued by the Fire Marshal’s Office, Fire Marshal.