Boots & Bridles And High Country Team 4-H Clubs Attend Northern New Mexico Livestock School

Cora and Adelene Zielie showing their 4-H sheep at the Northern New Mexico Livestock School. Courtesy photo

Gwen Booton with a very well-behaved goat at Northern New Mexico Livestock School in Farmington. Courtesy photo

Claire and Preslee Robinson with their sheep at the Livestock School. Courtesy photo


Members of the Boots & Bridles and High Country Team 4-H Clubs attended the Northern New Mexico Livestock School last week in in Farmington. Los Alamos County had three members in the Lamb Track and five members in the Goat Track.

For some of these participants, this year is their first time raising and showing livestock. The kids took a two-day intensive hands-on class covering everything about animal selection, nutrient, care, and how to prepare for fairs and shows. For this school, our members brought their own animals to work with and had expert help from Top Breeders of the region.

The majority of the members also attended the Summertime Showdown Jackpot Show, judged by Dale Hummel and Ryan Rash. There were approximate 800 animals shown per day by youth from across the nation. Our members were competed in both Showmanship, how well you handle and present your animal, and in Market, how well your animal represents the idea shape and structure of the species. Los Alamos County members showed great improvement over the course of the four days, and did well in the show. This was the first show for our members this year, there are a few other shows they plan to attend before the Rio Arriba County Fair July 28-30.

Nicholas Booton with his pretty white goat. Courtesy photo

Carley Hollander with her goat at Livestock School last weekend in Farmington. Courtesy photo

Colton Hollander with his goat at Livestock School. Courtesy photo

Kadin Hansel with his goat. Courtesy photo