Man Paints Over White Rock With Gray Paint Covering Sunday Morning’s Message

The same man captured on video and in photos Saturday painting over a 2022 Pride message on the white rock, showed up this morning and painted the rock again. The image that was painted on the rock early Sunday is believed to be a riff on the original Star Wars poster, but with a giant Pride themed lightsaber blade. The text says, ‘You can’t stop change any more than you can stop the sun from setting’, which is a quote from Star Wars Episode 1 where Anakin’s mother speaks to him before he leaves to train to be a Jedi. The clip can be seen here: In communication with the Los Alamos Reporter, many community members have indicated that they are struggling with what’s happening at the rock. Some feel it should be ignored and others feel it is important for the community as a whole to know what’s going on. Courtesy photo