Council To Vote Tuesday On Budget Revision, Task Order For Hilltop House Demolition Project


Los Alamos County Council is expected to approve a budget revision and a task order Tuesday evening for $883,434 for demolition of the Hilltop House Hotel property with All-Rite Construction and establish a revised project budget of $1.3 million.

Council directed County Manager Steven Lynne to proceed with the demolition project in April. Asbestos abatement work is currently being conducted at the property and is expected to be completed in July. The County has four contractors under an on call services agreement and each was solicited to provide a proposal for the demolition, but only one proposal was received from All-Rite Construction, Inc.

The proposal includes demolition, dust control, safety, traffic control and storm water pollution and safety plans for the project. All-Rite Construction would be responsible for disconnection of utilities, removal, trucking hauling and disposal of all refuse and debris from the site as well as its disposal at a properly licensed facility outside the County. The proposal includes the hotel building, the swimming pool building and the former convenience store. It does not, however, include the removal of the underground fuel tanks that remain on the property. The tanks will be the responsibility of New Mexico Innovation Triangle, LLC, the owners of the property.

Under state law and a resolution approved by Council, a lien will be placed on the property for the reasonable cost of the demolition and removal of the buildings as incurred by the County.