What Do You Think About Public Transit In Los Alamos?


LSC Transportation Consultants has been hired by Los Alamos County to develop the next Five-Year Service Plan for Atomic City Transit. The Service Plan will explore new service options or changes to existing Atomic City Transit services which could improve mobility for Los Alamos residents.

LSC is currently conducting outreach and wants to hear from as many community members as possible about their opinions on Atomic City Transit/public transportation in Los Alamos.

The  survey is quick and easy, and intended for all residents (both those who ride the bus and those who do not).

Here is a link to the on-line community survey: 


This survey effort will contribute to the development of an updated Five-Year Service Plan for Atomic City Transit. The Five-Year Service Plan will evaluate current demographic and transportation conditions in Los Alamos, identify any underserved or unserved areas/groups, and evaluate the use of funding.

This evaluation will allow us to develop an effective Five-Year Service Plan for Atomic City Transit that will outline any potential service changes that will result in the community being better served.

The 2015 Five-Year Service Plan may be viewed at https://p1cdn4static.civiclive.com/UserFiles/Servers/Server_6435726/File/Government/Departments/Public%20Works/Atomic%20City%20Transit/Transit%20Study/Los%20Alamos%20Transit%20Study_FINAL.pdf