Whiney Middle-Aged White Guys

Los Alamos

Yes, we know, your workout is sacrosanct.  You are used to being taken quite seriously.  Your opinion matters.  We should all be willing to accept a greater degree of risk so your life style is in no way compromised by a historic drought worsened by climate change.  You, after all, are you.

Please get over yourselves.  Here are 10 things you can do to make our planet a better place while your sneakers gather dust. 

1. Work to end climate change. 

2. Write a thank you letter to all the Hot Shot crews in the American West. 

3. Donate money to those suffering as a result of evacuations. 

4. Write a letter to anyone you can think of to end gun violence in America. 

5. Write letters, attend marches, and do absolutely anything else possible to keep abortion safe and legal. 

6. Plant a tree. 

7. Plant a flower. 

8. Stitch those unsightly snags in all your Patagonia activewear. 

9. Polish your BMWs and Audis.  

And No. 10 write a thank you letter to our Fire Chief.  Protecting us isn’t easy.  Thank you Chief.