Pride Shows People That They Belong

Friends of Los Alamos Pride

Editor’s note; Fortis Brown accepted from Los Alamos County Council Tuesday a proclamation declaring the second week in June as LGBTQ+ Pride Week in Los Alamos County. The following comments were made by Brown during Tuesday evening’s Council meeting.

This past year has been rough. The LGBTQ+ community has faced dozens of challenges which has only shown time and time again why pride is necessary. We have been isolated for a long time, due to a global pandemic and safety concerns and other factors. Today, the county once again shows its support in creating a safe space for all human beings, no matter their gender, sexuality, or any other factor they have no control over. The county has shown time and time again that they stand against prejudice and hatred towards the LGBTQ+ community and we thank them for that. We thank them for their acceptance and recognition of the importance of pride for all.

This time has been especially difficult on LGBTQ+ youth. Around the world, youth are growing up exiled from their homes, families, and communities. I am one of the officers in our high school’s Gender-Sexuality Alliance, or GSA, and I’ve seen this struggle first-hand. I’ve watched my peers struggle and feel alone for so much of their lives. I’ve watched them be crushed if they dare step out of the normal. I’ve watched them doubt themselves and question if they truly are who they are because of the words of others. I’ve watched them contemplate leaving this world; a world that had only shown them hate. This is why pride is important.

Pride shows people that they belong. Pride gives people who are outside of the normal a place to exist and thrive safely. Pride gave me the resources to find who I truly am, and can help others in less-ideal situations to find themselves as well. Los Alamos is already isolated from the state and exists almost in its own little bubble. That is why it is important to make this town and county inclusive. That is why it is important to host pride every year and give all a place to be themselves. Under threat, under ridicule, and under violence, we come together to give all a safe place. We stand together to fight for the right to exist without barriers and hate; to fight for the right to be considered human that has been stripped from us for so long. We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re valid. We’re not going anywhere. Happy pride everybody!