Chamisa Elementary School Annual Wax Museum Project A Big Success

Chamisa Elementary School student Evelyn Stupka dressed as Sacagawea for the annual wax museum event Wednesday. Third and fourth grade teachers presented the event with third graders portraying famous people from around the world and fourth graders featuring famous people with a connection to New Mexico. Sacagawea was a Shoshone Indian woman who accompanied the Lewis and Clark Discovery expedition in 1805-1806 from the northern plains to the Pacific Ocean and back. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Chamisa Elementary School student Christopher Montalvo Ruiz was dressed as Alejandra Renteria Ruiz, Sergeant Alejandro Renteria Ruiz who was a U.S. army soldier who received the Medal of Honor for his actions in the Battle of Okinawa in the Ryukyu Islands during World War II. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Chamisa Elementary School student Mila Garcia dressed as Ernie Pyle, the famous war correspondent who had a home in Albuquerque from 1940 until 1945 when he was killed by enemy fire on the island if Ie Shima. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Lenox Lorens chose Billy the Kid, William H. Bonney as his character for the annual wax museum at Chamisa Elementary School. Billy the Kid was a gunfighter and outlaw who is buried in Fort Sumner. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Asher Arellano chose reality TV star Chip Gaines who was born in Albuquerque in 1974. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Shabad Jot Khalsa dressed as author George R. R. Martin who is best known for his fantasy novel series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ on which the HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’ is based. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Ethan Mendez chose New Mexico storyteller Joe Hayes as his character. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Robyn Watkins dressed as Maria Martinez, an internationally known potter from the Pueblo de San Ildefonso. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Hattie Willard chose Barbara Latham as her character for the annual wax museum. Latham was painter, print maker and illustrator of children’s books who lived in the Taos area. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Oliver Saenz chose William Hanna as his character. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Bryce Balkey chose professional football player Ronnie Lott as his character. Lott was born in Albuquerque. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Dylan Rodriguez selected former New York Yankee and Albuquerque Isotopes baseball player Greg Bird as his wax museum character. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Ben Rodriguez says he loves football so he wanted to choose a player for his project. He selected Brian Urlacher after reading his stats and about his connections to New Mexico. Urlacher was raised in Lovington and played for the Lobos. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

An audience checks out Halle Harris’ presentation on artist Georgia O’Keefe who lived in Abiquiu and is known best for her paintings of the area. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

E.J. Atkinson chose Jeff Bezos as his character for the annual wax museum. Bezos was born in 1974 in Albuquerque. Students shared their main takeaways from their participation in the project were, ‘I learned how to speak in public without being scared’, ‘I enjoyed doing the research’, ‘I was worried that I would stutter, and I did not get my words mixed up’, ‘I have learned a lot about public speaking and writing that will help me’, ‘I learned that you can do anything you put your mind to’, ‘I learned to speak publicly and not be as nervous’, and ‘I know how to do research now’. Photo by Maire O’Neill/