Los Alamos-Japan Institute To Host Live Webinar On ‘Science, Peace, Community: Oak Ridge, Tennessee’


Plan to join Los Alamos-Japan Institute (LAJI) co-hosts Clifton Truman Daniel and Dr. Judith Stauber on Monday, May 23, at 5 p.m. MDT for a live webinar conversation on Science, Peace and Community  in Oak Ridge, Tennessee today. Clifton and Judith will talk with Ray Smith, Oak Ridge historian and Pat Postma who collaborated with community members to develop the  town’s International Friendship Bell—an 8,000-pound bronze Kyoto bell designed by Oak  Ridge residents to symbolize shared peace and friendship in Oak Ridge and Japan. 

Ray Smith ensures that current and future generations can learn about the heritage, history, ongoing and planned activities in the city of Oak Ridge, TN. Through printed media complemented by film, presentations, tours, and a history center, he has made the history of the Y-12 National Security Complex and Oak Ridge available to all. Almost five  decades of experience at Y-12 provide Smith a deep understanding and high appreciation of its unique heritage. Ray is also familiar with the history of the other government sites in Oak Ridge.  

Pat Postma arrived in Oak Ridge in 1943, where she grew up and later married a young  physicist who became the Director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Pat and her husband were both committed to the establishment of the International Friendship Bell to mark the city’s 50th Anniversary. After her career in the College of Business at the University of Tennessee, Pat created a second career to advance significant community  projects, including the creation of the Peace Pavilion, a striking new home for the International Friendship Bell. 

LAJI looks forward to continued conversations about peace—now more than ever.  Visit www.laji.us to RSVP