Scenes From State Route 4 In The Jemez Mountains During Cerro Pelado

The Los Alamos Reporter understood why State Road 4 has been closed as crews operate heavy equipment for fire spread mitigation along various sections of the road. Photo by Eric Burnside

Firefighters’ equipment staged along State Road 4 Friday. Photo by Eric Burnside

These ‘pumpkins’ are tough, lightweight, multi-purpose tanks that hold water for ground fire-fighting. They are staged along State Route 4. Photo by Eric Burnside

Tim Klukas, a wildland fire safety officer from Portland, Oregon chats with the Los Alamos Reporter, right, and Lara Suscha, a public information officer for the Great Basin #1 Incident Management Team. Suscha, is from Fairbanks, Alaska and is working her sixth season on fire teams. Photo by Eric Burnside

Areas of the landscape across State Route 4 from the Valles Caldera National Preserve are blackened by the Cerro Pelado Fire. As can be seen by the small plume of smoke, there are hotspots in the burnt areas. Photo by Eric Burnside

Lara Suscha, a PIO for the Great Basin #1 Incident Management Team. was the driver and guide for photographer Eric Burnside and Maire O’Neill. Photo by Eric Burnside

A fire crew conducts a briefing Friday morning next to State Route 4 prior to beginning work. Photo by Eric Burnside

Firefighters clear brush next to State Route 4 Friday morning. Photo by Eric Burnside

A helicopter drops water on a spot fire Friday morning. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Ground crew members check out the area next to State Route 4. Photo by Eric Burnside

Friday’s view of the Calf/Heritage Peak Fire plume from the Jemez. Photo by Eric Burnside

Photographer Eric Burnside accompanied the Los Alamos Reporter on an escorted tour of the paved areas of the Cerro Pelado Fire area. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Heavy equipment operators remove fallen trees from the side of State Route 4. Photo by Eric Burnside

A water tanker heads back into the Valley Caldera National Preserve. Photo by Eric Burnside