Los Alamos Family Council To Continue SMART Recovery For Friends & Family Meetings Monday Evenings


Los Alamos Family Council will continue offering a SMART Recovery Friends & Family meeting every Monday evening.

Meetings will be held at Los Alamos Family Council Mondays from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. and are free. 

Individuals with addictive behaviors aren’t the only ones affected by it. Friends and Family SMART Recovery for Family & Friends is available to support Concerned Significant Others (CSOs; parents, partners, friends, family members, etc.) as they learn to deal with emotional upsets, make difficult decisions, and learn better ways of interacting with their affected loved one.

SMART for Family & Friends provides meetings with topics that range from self-care to positive communication, and may focus on an issue, such as establishing boundaries, communicating in non-confrontational ways, or setting goals.

Anyone who cares for someone with addictive behavior is welcome to attend. This meeting series is provided free thanks to funding from the Los Alamos JJAB. For more information about Los Alamos JJAB, you can use this link: https://losalamosjjab.com/ 

This pilot program will continue to run through the end of July 2022. If the pilot proves successful, LAFC intends to continue offering the program during the next school year as well.