Brian Colón Is Absolutely The Man For Attorney General

Former District 4 NM Public Education Commissioner
Los Alamos

Once again the Democrats have two outstanding candidates for Attorney General, but one stands out for my vote. In 2009-2010 I worked closely with current State Auditor, Brian Colón and Lt. Governor Diane Denish in an election they did not win. I was running Labor 2010 for AFT, and I, along with the other Labor Unions worked to get candidates elected. Senators Heinrich and Lujan(as a Congressman) were two successes. I have worked closely with Brian several times in the last 12 years. 

That 2010 election taught me a few things. Experience in government is crucial. Brian has the knowledge and experience to effectively run the AG’s office. Of course, he has ideas to make some changes in the office such as increasing consumer protection and making the environment more prominent as well as the obvious, managing crime and working with police. Interestingly, many believe the AG must be a prosecutor. No, the district attorneys and the AG’s staff do that–not the Attorney General. 

Brian Colón, the man, is remarkable. He is calm, organized, highly experienced, and kind. One wonders if kind can be a descriptor for a lawyer…but he is. People say they know he can do the job because even though he is  Mr. Nice Guy he holds people accountable. Neither his friendship nor his former relationship with a person influenced his decision to stop fraud and abuse as our auditor. His knowledge of government and his background overcoming poverty to succeed enables him to look for solutions for each individual. 

In this election, Brian Colón is absolutely the man for the office of Attorney General. Please support him. Polls are open at the Municipal Building. If you are registered as an Independent or as DS, you CAN VOTE in this primary….it is the first time that is possible. Thank you.