Thank You Los Alamos For Supporting LAHS 2022 Prom, ‘The Garden Gala’

Decorations for the Los Alamos High School Garden Gala Prom at Buffalo Thunder were purchased with donations from parents and members of the community. A wish list was created on and donors were able to order items and have them delivered to LAHS. Staff and students converted the items into these wonderful displays. Courtesy photo

Part of a candy station created by LAHS staff and students for the Garden Gala Prom at Buffalo Thunder Resort. Courtesy photo

The backdrop for one of the photo spots at the Garden Gala Prom. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos High School

The Garden Gala, Los Alamos High School’s Prom 2022 at Buffalo Thunder Resort was phenomenal and a huge success. Everyone had a great time. We have many people to thank. The community came through in a big way and people were so generous with purchasing items from the wish list. Some community members donated money as well including Kristy Ortega from RE/MAX of Los Alamos who donated $3,000.00. We also had many anonymous donations. Below is a list of people we know that donated. Thank you, Los Alamos Community

Aejin Chang
Alicia Gonzales
Alison Watkins
Amanda Matt Hoffman
Amy Herrera
Amy V Pickett
Ashley Naughton
Becky Sims
Beverly A Faulkner
Brendon Burns
Cardon Inglis
Carie Fanning
Carrie Garcia
Carrie Gregory
Casandra Redmond
Celina Long
Christine and Colby
Christine Peters
Christopher J. Wetteland
Connie Moss
Danielle Duquette Bridge
David W. Bowman
Deanna Simons
Diana Lincoln
Diane Vaughan
Elisa V. Enriquez
Elizabeth Sharon Fung
Gina A Jorgenson
Gloria Dunning
Gloria Maestas
Granville John Hopkins
Jane Lin
Janet Hiller
Jeannine Rey
Jill Cook
Judy Dean
KayLinda Crawford
Kayoko Nettleton
Kristy Ortega
Latchesar Ionkov
Laurel Moraga
Laurel Moraga
Lene Hessner
Leslie Puckett
Lian Williams
Lily New and Kim Scott
Linda L. Sullivan
Lori A Tepley
Los Alamos
Lynda Morrison
Lynn Strauss
Magali Cook
Maire O’Neill
Marsha Parker
Melissa Ann Hoff
Melissa Anna Hoff
Melissa Kinnman
Misha Peterson
Misha Peterson
Molly Vosburg
Ms. Hailey
no name
Patrick and Chritiine Rodriquez
Rebekah Butcher
Shannon Harms
Sheila Teufel
Stephanie Grube
Steve L. and Owen Geiger
Sylvia Holesinger
The Tobins
Tiffany Harding
Tina Moore
Tracy & Zack Stidham
Tracy Drake 

Tables decorated for the Garden Gala Prom dinner at Buffalo Thunder Resort. Courtesy photo

A balloon archway at the Garden Gala Los Alamos High School 2022 Prom. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos High School students gather on the dance floor during Prom 2022. Courtesy photo