Los Alamos Police Department Alerts Residents To Fraud Calls


It has come to the attention of the Los Alamos County Police Department that some citizens are receiving phone scams about their utility bills. Individuals are calling residences, asking for immediate payment for electric bills from PNM.  They are asking for credit card information for immediate payment.   Los Alamos County Police Department has spoken with the Los Alamos County Utilities Department regarding this situation, and they confirmed this is a scam trying to take money from citizens.

Anyone receiving a call of this nature is advised either to hang up, ask for their information and tell him you are going to verify his information with the Los Alamos County Utilities Department, or tell him he has the wrong number.  We ask that you do not give out any personal credit card information over the phone.

At NO TIME will any Los Alamos County employee ask for credit card payment for PNM. Contact the police if you have any questions concerning this situation. Verify everything through the Los Alamos County Utility Department, 1000 Central Ave., Suite 130, (505) 662-8333. If individuals feel they are victims of a crime please contact the Police Department at 2500 Trinity Dr. Ste B, Los Alamos, or call (505) 662-8222.